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Von der Heyden Group

The Von der Heyden Group of companies was founded in 1989. According to the company philosophy, an independent SPV-company is established in order to implement a certain project on the real estate market in conjunction with financial institutions.

The companies, which are a part of the Von der Heyden Group, have since 1989 finished an investment program in the real estate markets with a value of more than approx. Euro 350 million on a ‘non-recourse’ financing basis. In 2013-2018 there are investments under development and/or acquisition in the amount of approximately Euro 200 million. After the completion of the impending acquisitions and developments the total volume will increase to Euro 550 million by the end of 2018.

Companies belonging to the Von der Heyden Group currently employ approx. 400 employees.

The Von der Heyden Group during more than 25 years of experience has become familiar with the specific characteristics of the European and US real estate market and enjoys the trust of national and international banks and other financial institutions. The group has a long term experience and an excellent track record.

The Von der Heyden Group specializes in sustainable investments in office buildings, hotels and residential building projects for which we have received numerous awards. In addition to the classic investment in the inventory as well as the development of hotel, office and residential projects, the Von der Heyden Group also concentrates on the renovation and reconstruction of historical buildings, such as old city houses and turn them into first-class apartment complexes.

The Von der Heyden Group has representative offices or investments in: Warsaw, Poznan, Lublin, Gdansk, Amsterdam, Berlin, Leipzig, London, Mahón, Madrid, Munich, Malta and Luxemburg and also has conducted or still conducts business in: Atlanta, Dresden and New York.



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