IBB Hotel Andersia Poznan, Poland

Special Offers

Lowest price guaranteed – no breakfast
Lowest price guaranteed – no breakfast from 71_
/room /1 night

The most advantageous price, free cancellation only with booking made through the hotel's website.

Flexible Rate - Bed & Breakfast
Flexible Rate - Bed & Breakfast from 82_
/room /1 night

We offer several types of rooms and hence we can adjust accomodation to your needs. In the modern decor you will be comfortable and relaxed

Weekend in the city
Weekend in the city from 175_
/room /2 nights

Book 2 nights cheaper !

LUXURY WEEKEND with Elizabeth Arden PRO
LUXURY WEEKEND with Elizabeth Arden PRO from 184_
/room /1 night

Zapraszamy Państwa na luksusowy pobyt z marką Elizabeth Arden ! 

Aromatic Journey SOTHYS
Aromatic Journey SOTHYS from 208_
/room /1 night

Zachęcamy do skorzystania z naszego pakietu , który łączy pobyt w luksusowych wnętrzach z odprężającymi i aromatycznymi zabiegami w strefie ...

Romantic Weekend for Two
Romantic Weekend for Two from 418_
/room /2 nights

Surprise your beloved one and invite her/him to a romantic weekend full of relaxation and unforgettable moments! We will make sure you feel relaxed in ...

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