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IBB Hotel Długi Targ is a new place on Gdansk hotels maps, from April 2018. It is located in the middle of Gdansk Down Town, in the neighbourhood of Long Market – the most popular promenade in this city. By staying in IBB Hotel Długi Targ you have all the most important monuments, museums, and attractions, just in the reach of your hand.

We know that no matter what we will write about the hotel, you will remember just the way you have felt, when you been staying in it. That is why, the most important for us is to make you feel special, when you are a Guest of IBB Hotel Długi Targ.

When you are staying in our hotel, you are staying in the heart of a city with over 1000 years of history! You can see the same view through the window, as have seen merchants, travellers, fisherman’s, citizens and even kings, through last hundreds of years. While staying in our hotel you will become a part of Gdansk history.

Outside the hotel there is a city of many faces – pearl of history, business and science centre, arena of sport struggles, culture and entertainment centre and tourist resort – waiting for you to be explored. We are here for you, to help you get to know Gdansk, in the way which meet your expectations.

We are expecting you!


Hotel website: www.hoteldlugitarg.pl

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