For Investors

IBB Hotel Collection is an international hospitality group with 10 hotels with long leasehold and management contracts in Europe in excellent micro-locations in urban markets and holiday destinations.

We are committed to sustained growth by investing in our owned estate and in our leased and management properties and by developing strategic relationships with carefully chosen partners.





In our hospitality operations, we are consistently working to deliver a refreshed guest experience across our portfolio and leverage our scale and inter-regional synergies to drive growth and maintain high operating margins. We specialise in operating new hotels and repositioning existing ones. In addition, the Company continuously identifies and assesses opportunities to extend our property portfolio and our operations across prime locations in attractive destinations, which we believe will offer attractive returns to shareholders.

We are disciplined when selecting and progressing a new business opportunity, only targeting real estate and leases with significant upside potential which fits our long-term growth strategy and above all creates strong shareholder value. From the new opportunities we identified, we went on to evaluate around 200 opportunities of which we submitted proposals for approximately 10%.

We have a clear strategy to drive growth and long-term value through our property portfolio and our operations. In our property portfolio, we take a disciplined, yield-focused approach to capital deployment and look to optimize the value of our existing portfolio and, where appropriate, extract value to fund longer-term sustainable growth

Shareholder Values

At IBB Hotel Collection, we create shareholder value through developing, owning and operating hospitality real estate. We currently own or co-own a part of our portfolio and have a proven track record in generating attractive operating returns and asset value appreciation.
We typically contract properties which we believe have significant upside potential. We embark on a journey of (re) developing, redesigning and continuously improving the operation, creating significant value along every part of the value chain. This diligent process is managed by our experienced senior management team, consisting of specialists in every relevant discipline.

Measuring our success

Our success is measured by key financial performance indicators alongside several operational indicators. We have an excellent track record in hotel construction, development, design, branding and operations. We understand how to build and run profitable hotels, and our business partners benefit from this experience. Our flexible, entrepreneurial philosophy encourages confidence in our product and service-led culture.
Our KPI’s and targets:

  • IRR
  • Net investment yield
  • Net return on shareholder capital
  • EBITDA and EBITDA margin
  • RevPAR
  • Employee engagement
  • Guest Satisfaction Score