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    Our succees stories

    • Mayra Guerrero

      Head of Sales and Revenue


      As the Head of Sales and Revenue at IBB Hotel Collection, my journey to success is a testament to resilience and vision.

      From humble beginnings, I’ve forged a path marked by unwavering determination and strategic foresight. My leadership ethos centers on fostering a dynamic sales culture, empowering teams to surpass targets and redefine industry standards.

      Through perseverance and innovation, I think that as a team we are elevating IBB Hotel Collection to new heights, embodying the spirit of excellence and inspiring others to embrace their aspirations with courage and conviction.

    • Patricia Aigner

      Head of Sales, Germany


      Since childhood, I’ve aspired to excel in the hotel industry, providing guests with a unique and memorable experience akin to a second home.

      This dream has become reality through my 15-year journey with the IBB Hotel Collection.

      Starting in Passau, I’ve contributed to sales, marketing, and the launch of new hotels in Germany and abroad, including our IBB hotel in Eichstätt. Collaborating with colleagues and partners from diverse sectors, national and international, brings me joy.

      I thrive on organizational planning, forging successful partnerships, and personally welcoming guests at our hotels or trade events.

      The IBB Hotel Collection’s progressive ethos aligns with my passion, making my work consistently fulfilling.