Our Values




We are a company operating in the dynamic hospitality industry and are committed to creating memorable moments. Operationally, IBB Hotel Collection’s mission is to make guests feel unique whenever they stay at an IBB Hotel Collection hotel, whichever one it may be.

Whether for business or pleasure, IBB Hotel Collection offers first-rate services and exceptional facilities with friendly and proficient staff that takes pride in anticipating and satisfying guests’ need.

Our international corporate culture, our vision, and our guiding principle, in one word - our values - allow us to foster an environment of growth and success, and this is why we enjoy the trust of international financial institutions and big market players in all the countries we operate in and beyond
Tiana Vella - Director of Human Resources


To be the hospitality group of choice, renowned for creating customer experiences that are true to the cultural heritage, traditions, and values of where we operate.

Our vision is to continue to grow in core locations around the globe, providing authentic hospitality experiences.

Something that fills me with happiness and enthusiasm is the expansion of the hotel group, which I am fortunate to develop with the unwavering support of the IBB Hotel Collection board and our parent company Von der Heyden Group; these tasks not only motivate me for the development of our hotel portfolio, but also make me discover new destinations, needs, and possible commercial strategies and marketing, and makes me challenge myself continuously, taking me out of my comfort zone.
Director – Samuel Santos, IBB Hotel and Cugó Gran Collection


Ambitious for the future, IBB Hotel Collection remains rooted in values and traditions, and the ethos on which its success is built.

These values are lived every day, with a professional and cooperative commitment to both guests who generate our business and our staff who provide an exceptional hospitality experience.

We’ve been expecting you!

At IBB Hotel Collection…

  • We Focus on Efficiency
  • We Lead with Integrity
  • We live Empowerment
  • We are Versatile
  • We are IBB