IBB Hotel Altmühltal – Eichstätt’s fun run in aid of Nepalese children

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A fantastic well done to our team at Eichstätt for successfully completing a two-hour marathon last Saturday 17th of April. Our team covered almost 193,97 km in total on this day. We also congratulate the team spirit of the other members that joined from nearby IBB collection properties.

By participating in The World Run Titting 2021, IBB Hotel Eichstätt was helping in providing an improved life for people with disabilities and their families in Lubhu, Nepal. In supporting the building of a day care facility for people with disabilities in Lubhu, together with the Organisation Nepal aid Beilngries.this project will provide Nepalese children with disabilities the accommodation they require for their daily care. Adequate accommodation is mostly lacking and therefore funds are required for care facilities.

Around 1000 individuals participated in the event. Different teams in several countries are opting to organise their participation separately, in order to adhere to their own Covid-19 restrictions. Our 15 participants described this event as a as a motivating and fun experience and they are especially proud in winning 2nd prize for their cool costumes.
IBB Hotel Collection is looking forward to offer support to other worthy initiatives.

For more information about the run please visit: https://www.eine-welt-lauf-titting.de/