Adrian Miller appointed as new Hotel Director at IBB Hotel Altmühltal-Eichstätt

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IBB Hotel Altmühltal-Eichstätt proudly announces the appointment of Adrian Miller as its new Hotel Director, effective immediately. With an illustrious background in luxury hospitality management, Adrian brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to this esteemed position. 

At a pivotal juncture in his career, Adrian was eager for change and advancement. His extensive background managing large all-inclusive hotels for RIU in Spain and Africa was rewarding, yet he found himself longing to return to the luxury hotel industry where quality supersedes quantity.  

Adrian stated, “IBB Hotel Collection not only offered a shift back to this cherished environment but also a significant step up into a General Manager position.” 

Drawing from his past experiences, Adrian is well-prepared for his new role. His journey in the hospitality industry, from various departments to management roles, has shaped his approach to leadership. Adrian emphasized that one vital lesson he learned is the importance of working alongside your team, not just overseeing them. 

Throughout his career, Adrian has encountered numerous highlights, from de-escalating tense situations with guests to forming personal connections that resonate deeply. He shared some highlights which he said often revolve around the personal connections he has made with guests. He recalls a memorable instance when a returning couple from Wales presented him with a gift for his hospitality. 

As he steps into his new role, Adrian plans to inspire and motivate the team at IBB Hotel Altmühltal-Eichstätt by being actively involved and fostering mutual respect. He stated that when the team sees their leader working alongside them, they are inspired to contribute positively, creating a driven and united workforce. 

Adrian’s leadership style, grounded in empathy and comprehensive operational knowledge, will play a pivotal role in enhancing the guest experience at IBB Hotel Altmühltal-Eichstätt.   

“At our hotel we aim to blend timeless luxury with a fresh and youthful approach, integrating ideas from across the globe.” 

Looking ahead, Adrian envisions both short-term and long-term goals for the IBB Hotel Collection. In the short term, his priority is to solidify the team structure, ensuring passionate, skilled individuals elevate the property to the highest standards. Long-term, he aims for IBB Hotel Altmühltal-Eichstätt to become a landmark destination known for its exceptional service and as a beacon of luxury in the Altmühltal region. 

IBB Hotel Collection warmly welcomes Adrian Miller as its new Hotel Director and looks forward to a prosperous journey under his leadership.