Beat the Blue Monday blues

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Unwind at IBB Hotel Collection and Cugó Gran Collection’s fun destinations

Blue Monday, often dubbed the “most depressing day of the year,” falls on the third Monday of January. But fear not, as IBB Hotel Collection and Cugó Gran Collection have curated a list of fun destinations to help you escape the January blues, disconnect from the routine and defeat the Blue Monday blues.


If you are craving sun and serenity, IBB Hotel Palazzo Bettina beckons you to the picturesque island of Malta. Bask in the Mediterranean sun, unwind on pristine beaches, explore charming fishing villages, and savor exquisite Maltese cuisine. Malta’s tranquil beauty is the perfect antidote to beat the winter blues.

Nestled in a historic setting, the Cugó Gran Macina is a gem that invites you to a world of sophistication and leisure. As you step into the luxurious ambiance, the palatial surroundings and impeccable service promise to elevate your spirits. Unwind in stylish suites adorned with a blend of modern comforts and classic aesthetics. Whether you choose to pamper yourself with a spa treatment, savor delectable cuisine at The Little Bastion, or simply relax in the opulent surroundings, Cugó Gran Macina is the ideal escape to turn Blue Monday into a day of joy, leisure, and unforgettable moments.


Embrace the spirit of joy and escape the monotony with an adventure in Poland; at IBB Hotel Grand Hotel Lublin or IBB Hotel Gdańsk. In the heart of Lublin, the IBB Hotel Grand Hotel Lublin invites you to revel in the historical charm of the city. Immerse yourself in the local culture, indulge in spa luxuries, and savor Polish delicacies. The city of Gdańsk, a city steeped in maritime history welcomes you at the IBB Hotel Gdańsk. Offering modern comforts against the backdrop of the Baltic Sea you can explore the charming Old Town, visit iconic landmarks, and relish the coastal atmosphere. With the perfect blend of cultural exploration, relaxation, and culinary delights, this dual experience promises to escape the Blue Monday. 


Embark on a delightful escape to turn Blue Monday ’24 into a journey through the exceptional IBB Hotel Collection German destinations. From the serene landscapes of Altmühltal Eichstätt to the historic charm of Paderborn, the picturesque allure of Passau, the vibrant energy of Berlin, and the welcoming ambiance of Ingelheim, each location promises a unique and enjoyable experience. Whether you crave nature, culture, or urban adventures, the IBB Hotel Collection offers a diverse range of settings to uplift your spirits. Immerse yourself in the local surroundings, indulge in top-notch amenities, and savor the distinctive flavors each destination has to offer. Let the combination of comfort, entertainment, and exploration turn Blue Monday into a kaleidoscope of fun-filled moments across these fantastic IBB hotels.

IBB Hotel Collection and Cugó Gran Collection present a diverse array of destinations to beat the Blue Monday blues. Whether you seek winter wonderlands, sun-soaked beaches, bliss, extravagance, or urban adventures, our hotels offer the perfect settings for a rejuvenating getaway. Say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to a day filled with relaxation, exploration, and fun.