Embrace Equity on Women’s Day

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Women's day 2023

Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. The day was originally founded in 1909 with the goal of promoting peace and women’s rights, and it has since expanded to include a focus on equality for all genders. In fact, this year’s theme is EQUITY.

Imagine a world where all genders are equal. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world which is diverse, equitable and inclusive.

This year we want to honour women’s accomplishments and achievements and create a world where everyone is treated equally. It’s also a time to celebrate the contributions of women in the past — and the women who will continue to shape the future.

Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all #EmbraceEquity.

At IBB Hotels we constantly celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness about discrimination, especially in the workplace. We also take action to drive gender parity.

In fact, the top positions in the Group are split 50/50 between males and females and the mid-range positions are made up of 87% women. Females also make up 52% of the total workforce.

We have worked continuously to have good workplace policies, processes, and support, including excellent benefits and strong commitment to inclusion and therefore have attracted and retained great women who lead their area of expertise with precision and finesse.

And at IBB Hotel Collection, we also offer a work culture where women’s careers thrive, and their achievements are celebrated.

“We believe that gender balance is essential to economies, communities, and societies — from improved customer service to increased productivity to higher retention.”

What’s more, we strongly believe that when women are empowered, they lift up other women with them. More opportunities for women mean more opportunities for everyone! So, we plan to continue growing our women base and hope to celebrate their ongoing accomplishments, not just today, but each and every time these are achieved.

But especially on this day, let us celebrate all the women around us, honour their accomplishments and recognise the constant struggle they face for gender equality.

Why don’t you give equity a huge embrace?

Each and every one of us can actively support and embrace equity within our circle. We can challenge stereotypes, call out discrimination, draw attention to bias and seek out inclusion.

We believe that collective activism is what drives change and through action and momentum, together we can all embrace equity.

So this Women’s Day, not limiting ourselves to women solely fighting the good fight, join us in forging gender equity and play your part in exploring a positive change. Everyone everywhere can play a part.

If you would like further details on this year’s campaign visit the International Women’s Day website.