It’s time to plan your Valentine’s Day

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Ahh, it’s that time of year again: winter is in its peak and February is with us. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is nearly here. And with that comes a lot of love and affection and an array of ideas on how you can spend the day with your loved one. If you’re planning out a romantic, memorable valentine day or weekend with your significant other this year, we have come out with this handy checklist to help you achieve your perfect Valentine’s Day. From choosing the right valentine flowers & a place for your V’Day, to grooming it right, we have got you covered so you don’t miss a thing.

Buy flowers

Roses are the universal symbol of love and beauty. And that’s why roses are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. The rose expresses deep emotions like love and desire and through it you will be able to express your true feelings and impress that special someone. Our IBB Hotel Paderborn can provide you with a bed of roses on request for this special occasion, whilst the Cugó Gran Macina Malta will setup a bed full of rose petals when booking a room and visiting the boutique hotel through the month of February. And at our IBB Hotel Gdańsk, when booking the Romantic package, you will get a bunch of flowers in your room amongst other upgrades.

Plan a romantic getaway

A table for two at Nieznana., in our IBB Hotel Lublin. A quiet wine tour in the vineyards in Ingelheim. A romantic day strolling through beautiful Passau. These are the intriguing moments that drive us to fall in love, not just with the surroundings, but with the person who’s beside us. While planning your romantic getaway you can choose from an array of hotels in our collection, that are certain to get you in the mood for love.

Make dinner reservations

A heart-warming romantic candlelight dinner with your significant other inspires, rejuvenates and nurtures the romantic inside you. The Valentine’s Day menu at Ståderer restaurant in the IBB Hotel Altmühltal-Eichstätt will offer indulgences that placate the taste of your significant other. Make sure you reserve your spot in advance.

Choose a gift to surprise them

Whether a nice romantic trip, some chocolates or cakes or fashion apparel and jewellery, a gift can show your loved on how much they mean to you. Planning out a romantic Valentines gift will leave them mesmerized.

Dress to impress

On Valentine’s Day you really wish to create that special impression on your Valentines date. Dress it up to keep it warm and exciting. Wear an outfit that is comfortable yet can be carried with elan. Make sure your look reflects your personality and who you are.

Walk your way through this checklist and make it a night to remember. What are your plans to make your Valentine evening super special?