Mother’s Day 2023 – How will you celebrate?

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A very special day for a very special person – Mother’s Day is celebrated this year in most countries across the world on 14th May. It is a time to be grateful to our mothers for all that they do for us, for all the love and care they show us throughout their lives. Ideally, we show our appreciation to our mother at all times, but it is so nice to have a day specifically dedicated to her.

There are so many ways to show our mother we care. We can simply have a cheery chat, give her a gift or a card expressing our love and gratitude, we can prepare a meal for her and sit down together to enjoy it or go for a drive and get away together for the day. Now is the perfect time to appreciate having your mum in your life and add some precious memories.

Here are a few ideas for you to enjoy with your mum.

  1. What about a special dinner date at Ståderer, located right at the heart of Eichstätt? And if you want to extend your visit in the area, check out our hotel and book an overnight stay.
  2. Enjoy the great outdoors. With the weather becoming pleasant again, you can plan a wonderful picnic in a beautiful park, or a long hike or bike across beautiful forests and coastline. We’re sure you can find plenty of parks to choose from.
  3. Experience the 1,200 year old University and Cathedral city of Paderborn, the second largest and most beautiful city in the East Westphalia-Lippe region. It has something to offer for everyone; bike tracks, forests for hiking, historic monuments for culture enthusiasts and plenty of shopping for your beautiful mum. And our hotel will offer a Mother’s Day promotion of 10% discount on an overnight stay without breakfast between 12.05 and 14.05.
  4. Plan an experience for the whole family to enjoy, but remember to make it memorable for your mum. If you want something more extravagant, why not whisk you mum away to a weekend in Gdańsk or Lublin where you can get to enjoy plenty of sunshine and history in the beautiful city. Or book a sunny holiday to Malta, a country which packs glorious variety into its small archipelago.

If you’re not sure on how you would like to treat or surprise your mother this Mother’s Day, have a browse through our hotels which can provide you with an experience as unique as your mother. With outstanding amenities and comfort, every IBB Hotel has its own intriguing identity that reflects the distinctive charm of its location. And in all of our hotels, you’ll enjoy exceptional service by our world-class staff who are fully dedicated to creating an inspiring stay.

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