Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour

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Combining an evocative history, a unique harbour location, spectacular views and the very best in modern luxury, Senglea’s iconic Maċina Bastion is being restored and renovated, and will soon come back to life – as an exclusive Cugó Gran hotel.

For centuries, since it was built in 1554 during the reign of Grand Master Claude de la Sengle, the Sheer Bastion has been one of the Grand Harbour’s iconic landmarks, deriving its name ‘Macina’ from the large sheer crane structure (‘macchina’), used to hoist heavy masts and other cargo, which was eventually dismantled in 1864. Now, once again, the Macina is set to be a landmark of a different class, a luxury boutique hotel in a standout building that will be a showpiece within the Cottonera Regeneration Project.