Opening on 1st of July 2020 – Italian flair and Scandinavian minimalism meets Bavarian tradition at the heart of Eichstätt

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After months of hard work and relentless anticipation, we are proud to announce the opening of our new IBB hotel in Eichstätt. As the collection grows its presence across Europe, it will be the 6th hotel successfully launched in Germany.

We invite you to experience what happens when Italian flair and Scandinavian minimalism come across Bavarian tradition. With modern luxury oozing from every corner, this exceptional fusion is unique in the design world and showcases some of the finest works of craftsmanship. The four-star hotel comprises of 90 double-rooms and studios, all of which were fitted and finished to the highest standards, giving the comfort of our guests the utmost importance. The rooms are divided into four different categories, ranging from 20 to 27 sqm, offering scenic views on to the Altmühltal river or one of the hotel’s numerous courtyards through panoramic floor to ceiling windows.


Every design detail found in the hotel is a direct reflection of its surroundings as every material used was interpreted and carefully crafted into a timeless piece of art made by nature. From the impressive Jura limestone reception to delicate prints of moss and lichen that were carefully carved into local stone, there are traces of nature found in every part of the hotel. By keeping in mind a distinctive clarity inspired by Scandinavian design, the hotel prides itself in a sense of natural simplicity and an open atmosphere, inviting our guests to experience a wonderful synergy of modern elegance and cosy familiarity.

To further submerse our guests in the atmosphere of the Altmühltal region, our chef Andreas Hofrichter at the hotel restaurant Städerer will prepare exquisite traditional dishes and give them a modern twist. Having made a name for himself within the region and beyond, he is a master of the “Slow Food” concept and with sustainability being one of his top priorities, he knows how to make the best use of locally sourced products. We invite our guests to have a long relaxing lunch on the restaurant’s terrace featuring beautiful views on to the Altmühltal river or alternatively, a cosy dinner inside immersed in the hotel’s unique design synergy.

Despite the size of the city, Eichstätt and the Altmühltal region do not fall short of leisure activities and places to be explored. From going on reinvigorating nature walks and bike rides to exploring marvellously decorated churches and castles as well as complex Jurassic fossils linked to the distinctive landscape of the region, there is something for everyone to discover. With a brand-new state of the art shopping centre right at the heart of the city as well as being conveniently located close to major cities like Ingolstadt and Munich, Eichstätt fulfils every shopping heart’s desire.

Whilst there are plenty of leisure activities to be enjoyed, the hotel is also fully equipped to host official meetings and events. Whether it is a business or a private celebration that draws our guests to the Altmühltal valley, the hotel’s conference and meeting room facilities will meet all expectations.

With the opening date imminent, we are looking forward to welcoming our guests to experience a uniquely contemporary design symbiosis and to immerse them in the distinctive atmosphere of the Almühltal valley from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure.

We’ve been expecting you!