Spring in Germany

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Spring in Germany is full of fresh green leaves, colourful blossoms and fun things to do. The country is a great destination no matter the season, but with Spring fast approaching, we feel it’s a great time for a trip to Germany.

Spring has the fewest tourists, which is great for you because prices can be much lower than other times of the year. Castles, museums, markets, really everything is open, and not only are there fewer people getting in your photos, but you will typically have some gorgeous flowers beautifying the area.

Below, we will give you some locations for the best Spring trip to Germany during the months of March, April, and May.

Hiking and Biking in Eichstätt

Spring in Germany - Eichstaat

Eichstätt is a traditional Bavarian city, conveniently located between the two major cities of Munich and Nuremberg. It is on the smaller scale of cities in Bavaria but has a lot to offer. A paradise for hiking cyclists, the Altmühltal region offers challenging hiking and biking trails for any biking enthusiast. And you can experience nature in the Altmühltal, individually and actively. A true hiking and biking vacation for young and old, our recommendation is to follow the Altmühltal Panoramoweg or Radweg, which follows the Altmühl river along 200km of historic cities, ancient castles, and splendid palaces. In addition, you may wish to take a detour and discover one of the famous local lithographic limestone quarries, such as the quarry of the fossil collector Blumenberg, where you will be greeted by a life-size Allosaurus skeleton at the entrance. And our IBB Hotel Altmühltal-Eichstätt is conveniently located in the heart of the city, giving you the perfect base for all the sites around the area.

Cultural tour in Passau

Spring in Germany - Passau

Cultural life in Passau is rich and diverse. In the Old Town of Passau you can take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and immerse yourself in picturesque squares, romantic promenades and enchanting alleys. Majestically, the fortress “Veste Oberhaus” and the church “Maria Hilf” are located high above the city. Passau’s glory as a center of culture and arts is also expressed by the gothic cathedral. And thanks to its ideal location on three rivers, Passau is also a paradise for hikers and bicyclists. The IBB Hotel Passau Süd offers you the ideal place to stay. The hotel is conveniently located between the motorway exit Passau Süd and the city centre of Passau and all sights and shopping facilities can be reached in a few minutes by bus, which leaves directly in front of the hotel.

Wine tasting in Ingelheim

Spring in Germany - Ingelheim

Ingelheim stands for good red wine and for the many beautiful winegrowers, who produce outstanding wine. If you’re looking for a Spring weekend of wine tasting our IBB Hotel Ingelheim offers the perfect location in the heart of the city of Ingelheim. You can expect to hike through vineyards and orchards, with over 12 hiking routes in the area to choose from. And after a long day hiking, it’s nice to sit down and relax with a glass of red wine. We’re sure you deserve it! Visit Ingelheim for a wine trip you will never forget!

Sightseeing in the capital

Spring in Germany - Berlin

Immerse yourself in the captivating metropolis of Berlin. Whether you want to photograph your day away at the sights, take a tour in the array of museums or the spree, we’re sure you’ll be able to discover new aspects of life in this cultural and fashion hub. And Spring is the perfect season to visit Berlin. With nicer weather, you can take a stroll in nature and by the water, browse the amazing sights and savour every moment in the hip and culinary scene. Get inspired whilst soaking up the vibrant atmosphere the city has to offer. The IBB Berlin-Airport hotel is located between the city center and the airport, with very good public transport connections and the nearby motorway, and therefore makes it the perfect hotel to easily reach all of Berlin’s highlights.

History in Paderborn

Spring in Germany - Paderborn

Paderborn, the over 1,200 year old University and Cathedral city and the second largest and most beautiful city in the East Westphalia-Lippe region, presents itself as a colourful mixture of traditional locations, historical buildings and modern architecture. While visiting the city you can immerse yourself in the cityscape which mirrors the city’s eventful history. The city has something to offer for everyone; bike tracks, forests for hiking, historic monuments for culture enthusiasts and plenty of shopping. And the IBB Hotel Paderborn is right in all the action, within roughly 10 minutes by bus to the inner city.

Take advantage of the warm weather and the longer days and visit Germany soon. Have a look at our destinations and pick the location you feel is right for you.