The People of IBB: Erica Catala

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Driving marketing excellence at IBB Hotel Collection

At IBB Hotel Collection, we pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated professionals who bring passion and expertise to their roles. One such individual is Erica Catala, our Head of Marketing. Erica’s journey at IBB Hotel Collection is a testament to her diverse experience and commitment to excellence. Let’s delve into her background, role at IBB Hotel Collection, and her insights on the hospitality industry.

Erica’s academic journey began in 2011 when she earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universitat de Valencia. Seeking to expand her horizons, she pursued an MBA at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business. This program took her to Valencia, Shanghai, and New York, offering a comprehensive view of international markets.

Erica’s career has been nothing short of diverse. She has worked in various industries, including health, automotive, yachting, hospitality, and food & beverage. This rich tapestry of experience has equipped her with a multifaceted perspective on marketing and business development.

In 2023, Erica joined IBB Hotel Collection as the Head of Marketing. From the moment she arrived, she felt at home. “The atmosphere and culture here welcome everyone,” she says, “creating a place to develop your skills and capabilities within your role and team.”

As Head of Marketing, Erica’s role is both dynamic and collaborative. She works closely with different departments to coordinate marketing campaigns and corporate communications. “Marketing becomes the company’s showcase to everyone,” Erica explains. Her role requires her to wear many hats, from leading a team to staying on top of the latest technological trends and driving revenue.

What makes IBB Hotel Collection special?

For Erica, the best part about working at IBB Hotel Collection is the company’s demand for excellence within a positive work environment. She appreciates the sense of belonging and the supportive culture.

“Everyone at IBB Hotel Collection is friendly, close, and willing to cooperate, making the onboarding process and daily work life enjoyable.”

Integrity, diversity, and growth are the core values that Erica believes define IBB Hotel Collection. These values create a unique atmosphere where employees can grow both personally and professionally, fostering a family-like environment.

Erica envisions a bright future for IBB Hotel Collection. She believes that the company’s commitment to providing unique experiences and excellent service will drive its success. “We all believe in steady improvement and constant change,” she says. Erica sees IBB Hotel Collection and Cugó Gran Collection expanding their portfolio of hotels around the world, standing out with a flawless offer and exceptional guest experiences.

Of course, being the Head of Marketing also comes with its challenges. Managing a remote team across different countries and time zones is one of them. However, Erica feels honored to lead a cohesive team that works together to achieve their goals. Regular calls, a good atmosphere, and amazing teamwork are key to their success.

Balancing short-term and long-term objectives and dealing with budget constraints are also significant challenges. However, Erica’s strategic approach and leadership skills help navigate these complexities effectively.

The evolution of the hospitality industry

Over the years, Erica has witnessed significant changes in the hospitality industry. The digital revolution, accelerated by the pandemic, has reshaped how hotels operate and engage with guests. Sustainability has also become a key focus, with IBB Hotel Collection implementing initiatives to reduce water consumption, increase vegan options, and eliminate single-use plastics.

Consumer behavior has also evolved, with travellers becoming more conscious of environmental issues and valuing diversity. These shifts have influenced how IBB Hotel Collection approaches its services and operations.

Life beyond work

Outside of her professional life, Erica enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. She loves traveling and engaging in sports like yoga and boxing to maintain balance. Reading and photography are her favourite hobbies, offering her a chance to unwind and explore her creativity.

Erica Catala’s journey and contributions to IBB Hotel Collection are inspiring. Her dedication to excellence and innovation continues to drive the company forward, making her an invaluable asset to our team.