The People of IBB: Mayra Guerrero – A journey of growth and leadership

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At the heart of every successful hotel group lies a team of dedicated professionals, each contributing their unique skills and experiences to propel the company forward. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such individual whose journey within the IBB Hotel Collection exemplifies dedication, growth, and leadership.

Meet Mayra Guerrero, Head of Sales and Revenue at IBB Hotel Collection. With a tenure spanning over two years, Mayra embarked on this journey in February 2022 as the Sales and Revenue Manager for Cugó Gran Collection. Since then, she has navigated through various roles within the company, leaving an indelible mark at every step.

Mayra began her career journey within the hospitality industry with a solid foundation in sales and revenue management. Prior to joining IBB Hotel Collection, she held key positions such as Sales and Revenue Manager at H10 Hotel Villa de la Reina, General and Sales Manager at La Posada Santa María La Real and Molino de Salinas, and Reservations and Front Office Manager at H10 Hotel Salauris Palace. Her professional background is further enriched by her participation in the Revenue Management Expert Program at the University Rey Juan Carlos and [his/her/their] role as a podcaster in Desde Cero en Turismo, a podcast focusing on Tourism, Hotels, Sales, and Revenue.

When asked about her journey to the current role, Mayra reflects on the significance of each position in shaping her professional growth. She emphasizes the importance of starting from the bottom and gradually ascending the ranks, gaining invaluable insights into various facets of hotel operations along the way. Her experience ranges from reservations management to team leadership, providing her with a holistic understanding of the industry.

As the newly appointed Head of Sales and Revenue, Mayra envisions positioning the sales department as the premier choice for travelers seeking personalized and unforgettable experiences. Her vision revolves around offering the best rates, services, and experiences through direct channels, thereby maximizing revenue growth. To achieve this, she outlines key strategies focused on optimizing direct booking channels, enhancing websites and booking engines, minimizing commissions, forging strategic partnerships, and expanding the IBB Hotel Collection and Cugó Gran Collection brands.

Central to Mayra’s leadership style is a collaborative approach, where every team member’s voice is heard, and decisions are made collectively. Her emphasis on teamwork fosters a culture of innovation and inclusivity, laying the foundation for the department’s success.

Despite the promising prospects, Mayra acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead, particularly in developing the Cugó Gran Collection brand with upcoming openings. However, she remains undeterred, armed with a strategic mindset and a resilient spirit to overcome obstacles.

When asked about her favorite aspect of working at IBB Hotel Group, she highlights the warmth of the team, the company’s ambitious growth trajectory, and the opportunity for a healthy work-life balance.

Outside of work, Mayra finds joy in spending time with her children, exploring nature, enjoying moments with friends, and indulging in hobbies like baking and listening to podcasts.

In conclusion, Mayra’s journey at IBB Hotel Collection is a testament to perseverance, continuous learning, and unwavering dedication. As she embarks on this new chapter as Head of Sales and Revenue, her vision, leadership, and passion are poised to steer the department towards new heights of success.