Tips for travelling during the Easter Holidays

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Easter malta view

The arrival of warm weather and Spring is felt across Europe just before and around Easter. People are putting away their thicker and warmer clothes and welcoming the beautiful and colourful season with open arms. Without a doubt, many search for a getaway during the Easter holidays, especially families who look forward to their kid’s school holidays. So whether you are dreaming of a few days of rest and relaxation in the forest or near the sea, or experiencing the passion of the Christ, the IBB Hotel Collection has got you covered.

With Easter only a month away, it is important to choose a destination as soon as possible. We all want to pack our bags and escape the routine for a few days, so don’t wait till the last minute to book.

Here are five tips to make planning the Easter break more successful and creative.

Get the whole family involved in the research

Let your children explore and find our what works for them as a holiday, without the need for you to worry them with a budget or duration. Are they after an adventure holiday, several activities, with family or apart or a beach holiday slightly out of season? Let them explore, so that you can get them excited before you go.

Search for hotels

Rates during the Easter period are still not at their peek than during the summer months. Remember you can also get a much better rate when you book directly with the hotel. It is very important to choose accommodation that fits the type of getaway you are after, be it if you are travelling with your partner, your whole family, alone or with your friends. If you are travelling with your partner, we recommend the Cugó Gran Macina in sunny Malta, the perfect location to explore the varied historical and cultural activities on the archipelago. You can also enjoy the beautiful beaches surrounding the island, with the peace and quite that comes just before the Summer period. You can also find your own nature route walking through the beautiful Bavarian region of Eichstätt or explore the array of vineyard in Ingelheim, Germany. And finally, there’s nothing better than a relaxing break at the IBB Hotel Gdańsk or Lublin in Poland. You’ll feel totally pampered!

Things to do in Easter

The temperature during Easter in most destinations is ideal for adventure holidays

Decide on the activities you want to be doing while on your holiday. Based on that choose your destination. For this time of the year Germany, like the beautiful city of Passau, the beautiful town of Paderborn or the capital city – Berlin are ideal for cycling, hiking and exploring, whilst immersing yourself in culture.

Support the locals

Whether heading overseas or taking a nearby road trip, be aware of the local communities and get out there and support them wherever possible. One of the great joys of travel is exploring the local haunts and communities. Check out local markets available and buy your souvenirs from artists and craft makers of the region instead of touristy shops full of predictable goods made in China. Buy from farmers and produce stores. Explore the varied dining options your destination offers and support businesses while getting unique flavours and authentic experiences.

Easter church malta

Try to choose a destination where Easter is celebrated differently

In Malta, they celebrate the season with lots of different local food and you can explore the different Christian traditions if you’re visiting the island during this time. This is something that your kids can explore for and with you. For example, if you’re visiting the island just before Easter, you can take part in the different processions and even visit the famous Sunday Easter procession while listening to the Church bells ring jubilantly, and witnessing statues of the Risen Christ carried in the streets. The most notable spectacle is held in Birgu, very near to the Cugó Gran Macina, where a group of men make a mad dash uphill bearing a statue of the Risen Christ.

This Easter, plan an unforgettable holiday. Take a deep breath, smile and take everything in – feel the excitement of exploring the world and grateful for the opportunity. Don’t let the little things get in the way of your adventure. Have the trip of a lifetime, whether it’s an overnight trip to a gorgeous beach or ticking off a bucket list experience, drink it all in. Enjoy every minute. It will be an unforgettable Easter holiday!