Why should you visit Poland in August?

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There are numerous reasons to go to Poland this August – no need to say, cities like Gdańsk and Lublin are full of enchanting streets, extraordinary culture and beautiful views. And above all, August is a great time to explore these two beautiful cities and experience the vibrant atmosphere they have to offer.


If you love when a lot happens around, you should come to Gdansk between July 28th and August 19th.

Besides the usual attractions of Gdańsk, you can be a part of St. Dominic’s Fair! It is one of the largest open-air trade and cultural events in Europe and what makes it even more special is an over 700-year tradition that resounds in every moment of the magical event.

The fair reminds the Medieval tradition of trade and during these days you can buy almost everything: antiques, works of art, regional products, silvers, chandeliers, samovars, coins!

An artistic area will attract you with its handmade products and a tour of the Dominican Church of St Nicola will provide you with a lot of historical knowledge. A modern jazz music concert will be the perfect way to entertain yourself, and for all those food lovers out there, you’ll be happy to taste the day away through a number of homemade products.

And if you’re a Shakespeare aficionado, the 26th International Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival will be held on 27 July–6 August. Many new features are coming this year, with 5 performances in the Golden Yorick finals, an international jury selecting the winners in two competitions, monetary prizes and increased production funding.

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Lublin’s culture is unique, inclusive, authentic and original, since it is rooted in the local context. It is characterised by participation and diversity, encounters of different cultures, religions and ideas, motivating people to discover themselves, other people and the world. Lublin’s culture also represents the most important phenomena of Polish and global culture.

Here are some of Lublin’s greatest festivals for August.

Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair Festival between 18-20 August 2023 is a festival of traditional music, culture, and art, held in Lublin’s Old Town. It offers visitors the chance to interact with musicians, artisans, and sociocultural animators who approach the continuation of tradition with full awareness, responsibility, and sensitivity.

The festival features not only concerts, dance parties and a folk crafts fair, but also talks, exhibitions, art installations, and workshops – including singing, instrument playing and craft workshops, film screenings, stage performances and traditional games and activities for children.

So, if you want to take part in a journey through the most intriguing aspects of Polish traditional culture, this is the festival for you.

And this year’s edition is also part of The European Youth Capital Lublin – the first city in Poland to become the European Youth Capital. The city was chosen by an international jury as the place to show Europe values that are significant to youth, to show their activities, and to direct attention to youth in all kinds of events.

And in August every year, the Poles celebrate the Armed Forces Day on the 15th of August. This national holiday commemorates the anniversary of victory over Soviet Russia at the Battle of Warsaw during the Polish–Soviet War in 1920. Join in the celebrations if you’re visiting Poland this year.

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