Why should you visit Poland in Autumn?

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Autumn in Poland is called Złota Polska Jesień or better yet Golden Polish Autumn and we truly understand why it is given this term. It’s simply magnificent! During October and November, in Poland you will be able to see the illuminated shades of gold, red, yellow and orange all over the beautiful country. It is very difficult to describe all this in words and we think it’s best if you just plan a trip and visit the stunning country.

We currently have two beautiful hotels in Poland – one in Gdańsk  and another in Lublin and you will be able to soak in the beautiful sights during this special time at each of the hotels. Here are some reasons why Poland is worth a visit in Autumn.

  1. Autumn colours

Autumn in Poland is literally golden. This colourful season usually comes to its peak in mid-October when the trees are dressed in warm vibrant colours. With mild weather, it would be the perfect time to take a stroll on the beautiful beaches around Gdańsk or the cobbled streets and parks in Lublin. There is something so nostalgic when walking through a park while stepping on crunchy golden leaves.

  1. Less crowds

Summer is always busy with tourists flocking to different countries to experience what they have to offer. This is also the case in Poland, and therefore if you are more interested in seeing the sights at a calmer pace, Autumn is a perfect time to visit. Children are usually back in school and places are less crowded with families and students.

  1. Better prices

With the high season out of the way, prices are usually better during this time. There is also more availability than during peak season. Check out our offers in Gdańsk and Lublin.

  1. Perfect temperature

Autumn offers the perfect temperature in Poland, and it won’t be too hot or too cold. You can spend hours walking around and taking in the sights without overheating or freezing. And if it is later in the season, you can always get a hot beverage in one of the coffee shops in the different cities.

  1. Seasonal ingredients

Food in Poland is always delicious, and combining perfect recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients is a recipe for success. In Autumn, most of the dishes are focused on root vegetables and a variety of fruits such as apples and pears. Restaurants serve up delicious meals and if you are staying at one of our hotels, Piu Vicino restaurant in IBB Hotel Gdańsk or Nieznana in IBB Hotel Grand Hotel Lublin are the perfect choice to experience these fresh seasonal ingredients.

We hope that these ideas encourage you to plan a trip to Poland this Autumn. It truly is a magical time of year. And if you would like to get more offers across our hotels in Europe, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter.