Welcome to IBB Hotel Passau Süd!
Comfort in one of the most breathtaking cities in Germany

IBB Hotel Passau Süd · Germany


Set alongside three striking rivers, Passau is blessed with a picturesque natural location just waiting to be explored.

While you’re in Passau, you can enjoy experiencing cultural monuments like the 13th-century Veste Oberhaus fortress and other elegant architecture, take in views with a riverside stroll, or simply wander into the old town for shopping and dining.

After exploring the beautiful city, we’ll we will be waiting to welcome you with a personalised service at the IBB Hotel Passau Süd, where our comfortable guest rooms mirror the spirit of the city.

Enjoy the hotel’s exquisite buffet breakfast and great dining options, with a choice of tasty regional dishes. And if you would like some relaxation and personal space, our sauna and hot tub are the perfect remedy.