Dear Valuable Associates and Guests,

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Over 28 years of experience has proven why the well-being of our guests and of our associates that look after them
with exceptional care and quality, is at the very core of all that we do.
This everlasting value is a strong guide in how all our hotels are handling the COVID-19 development in a time of
uncertainty and concern. IBB Hotel Collection stands in solidarity with our associates who are currently managing this
extraordinary situation all over Europe with us. Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the developments and
have precautions in place to ensure that the health and well-being of everyone is being protected.

COVID-19 has had an impact on the hospitality industry in a way it has never experienced before; an aggressive
challenge that could compromise so much for so many. The impact of this pandemic is so significant that whilst
government support strategies differ and change regularly from country to country, it has demanded that our
action plans change daily. Our industry in Europe is facing a drop of demand between 90-100%. Not at any fault of
mismanagement or lack of talent; but only at the cause of the COVID-19 virus . Future uncertainty and lack of hindsight
on the full impact on Europe’s hospitality industry, has driven IBB Hotel Collection to take drastic measures in response
to an international pandemic.

Our executive management has willingly accepted reductions in their salaries while working 100% on overcoming this
situation with the local management teams. In this, the costs of some of our hotels are being monitored closely with
major cost reductions on all fronts in order to safeguard our business against the uncertainty of the future.
IBB Hotel Collection recommends travellers follow guidance only from trusted sources such as The World Health Organization,
Those who have booked a stay with us can find more information about flexibility in booking conditions
here. Please reach out to our team if you need any more assistance.

I appreciate the trust you place in us every time you visit one of our hotels.
Thank you for choosing IBB Hotel Collection and we are looking forward to welcoming you wherever you stay with us.

If you can’t avoid travelling during this unprecedented time, please be sure to be vigilant; take good care of yourself
and of the people around you.
Stay home – stay safe !



Vladimir Saal CEO
IBB Hotel Collection